Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author

Wealth Management Isn't Just for the Rich is a must-read for the beginner investor wishing to take the first step towards understanding personal financial management. Sissi's introduction of concepts including goal setting, budgeting, risk management, and diversification are all crucial elements behind building a nest egg. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to begin the journey of leading a fiscally responsible life.

Mary Kuo, President of Columbia University Club of Singapore

Sissi puts the world of investments into an easy to read guide for a beginner, but she also explores concepts that even an experienced investor will appreciate. I appreciated how she honed in on different asset types, using them to explain various strategies. It was a great read and a perfect way start out in the world of investing.

Mathew Welch, Partner at Asia Capital & Advisors

I have worked with Sissi as my financial advisor and it is clear that she has translated her warm and honest approach to her book. Pick up this book and you are in the office with Sissi as she explains everything from the best savings options to allocating your investment portfolio. I highly recommend this great read for anyone ready to take the next step of actively managing their wealth.

Ryan Ng, Managing Partner, Urban Habitat Design

We all have to retire one day. But by listening to the strategies and key concepts in Wealth Management Isn't Just for the Rich, you can grow your net worth beyond just creating retirement income streams and impact your life right now. Sissi and Raymond spell it out for the average investor, using examples to make key concepts come to life. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to take the next step beyond their traditional retirement account.

Joe Caputo, Managing Director, Vista Health

Wealth Management Isn't Just For The Rich" will get you planning. Sissi has a deep understanding of finance, and shares invaluable practical insights into growing your income by investing and managing a market downturn. Using a healthy lifestyle as analogy, Sissi explains how to create an effective healthy investment strategy, no matter where you are in life. Start your investment strategy today by reading this book!

Kate Apostolova, Attorney

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