Wealth Management Isn't Just For the Rich

The Secret To Retiring In Luxury


Wealth Management Isn't Just For the Rich is your guide to building your wealth to achieve your life goals by focusing on how you think of money and creating the right investment strategy for you! No matter what your life goals are, this book gives you investment strategies that can help you reach them. From your first investment to managing your portfolio, I will help you create a strategy that's suitable for you.

As you read this book you will:

  • Change your perspective on money by learning to pay yourself first!
  • Build an investment portfolio by choosing the right mix of assets to create the income stream necessary to reach your financial goals.
  • Understand how to handle the ups and downs of the market without fear.
  • Avoid common mistakes new investors make and learn how to build a portfolio that reflects your level of risk.
  • How to find the right financial advisor to help you build your investment strategy.

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Wealth Management Isn't Just For the Rich

The Secret To Retiring In Luxury

  • It's Not a Habit, It's a Mindset

    What is your relationship with money? This chapter focuses on how important it is to change your approach to your finances, from how you save to creating a budget. Get started right to build your wealth.

  • Are You Working for Your Money or Is Your Money Working for You?

    Do you have one stream of income? Learn how to create streams of passive income that will grow your wealth and get familiar with the savings options available.

  • Understanding the Basics of Investing

    Get introduced to the various investing options found in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, venture capitals, and private equities and understand the risk level of each option.

  • How Fees Can Impact Your Returns

    Every investor needs to understand how fees can impact your returns. Learn about the types of fees you could be charged. This chapter also introduces the concept of compounding and how it can impact your investments.

  • The Market Tanked, Have I Lost It All?

    The markets have their downturns, but it is important to understand what a downturn means for your investments. Learn how to listen to the market and create a financial plan to guide yourself through the bull and bear markets.

  • Investing is a Roller Coaster, Prepare for the Ride

    Your introduction to the importance of diversification and how critical it is to balance your portfolio to meet your level of risk. Learn how diversification can change in every stage of life as you build your wealth.

  • Step Into Risk, Step Away from Fear

    Understand the different levels of risk aversion and how to find the right one for you based on where you are in terms of your financial plan. Understand how technology can impact your investment strategy and what each life stage means for your investment strategy.

  • Professional Guidance is Key to Success

    Financial advisors can be a great resource to achieve your investment goals. Learn how to find the right advisor to fit your needs.

  • Choosing Your Path to Retire in Style

    When it comes to meeting your retirement goals, it is key to choose the right investment strategy. Learn some essential points to remember when the market heads down to avoid being overwhelmed by the changing markets.


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